Prevent Serious Dental Injuries While Playing Rough Sports

Accidents caused while playing sports can be traumatic especially with your teeth. If you or your kid is a sportsperson then you know those bleeding gums and gaps between the teeth set is a very common scene, especially if it is any rough sport. In Norwich, a lot of people visit dentists for injuries caused from sports. Although you should always visit an emergency dentist in Norwich in case of any emergency but there are a few things that you should take care of.

Safety tips by professional dentists to protect your teeth while playing:

Tooth guard – Tooth guards are necessary safety accessories that you should wear while playing contact sports like boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, etc. They can prevent serious tooth injuries like broken jaw, fractured tooth and swollen gums.

Helmet – There are a few sports in which you have to wear a helmet to protect your teeth because the mouth guard may fall down. Rough sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, horse ridding, etc. needs more protection and safety, thus wearing a helmet is a must.

Avoid Hard Candies – Professional dentists recommend sportspeople and athlete to avoid eating hard candies. These candies will not only harm the teeth with great amount of sugar in it but also make them weak thus it will increase the chances of breaking your teeth while playing the sports. You should strictly avoid any hard candies, ice, and hard food in case you have already met any sports dental injury to prevent it from making it worse.