Different Types Of Invisalign Treatment

The appearance of teeth has a major impact on the overall image of a person. It tells a lot about their health levels, overall hygiene habits, and personal management. Teeth enhance the beauty of a person, however, they suffer some damages and issues that are beyond the reach of common hygiene levels.

This is where people get an appointment with an orthodontist in Portland to achieve proper alignment and arrangement in their teeth order and improve their smile.

Here are the different types of this treatment.

Full Invisalign

The treatment is designed for providing a full-on alternative to people who are relying on braces to achieve the perfect alignment of their teeth. It ensures that the complete set of teeth in the jaws get in a proper arrangement that is also not hampered during the opening and closing movements of the mouth. Therefore, it ensures that possibilities of internal damages are reduced and the best results are achieved in terms of improvement of dental appearance.

Teen basis

There is a teenage version available of these treatments that are especially dedicated to the age-specific needs of teenage kids. Kids of the age group tend to feel very self-conscious of their teeth formations and it is even harder for them to wear braces and have a smile. As this is the most suitable period for achieving proper teeth formation, using these treatments is the best way out for the situation. Using Invisalign also makes it easier for orthodontists to keep a track of the developments in the process.