Different Types Of Invisalign Treatment

The appearance of teeth has a major impact on the overall image of a person. It tells a lot about their health levels, overall hygiene habits, and personal management. Teeth enhance the beauty of a person, however, they suffer some damages and issues that are beyond the reach of common hygiene levels.

This is where people get an appointment with an orthodontist in Portland to achieve proper alignment and arrangement in their teeth order and improve their smile.

Here are the different types of this treatment.

Full Invisalign

The treatment is designed for providing a full-on alternative to people who are relying on braces to achieve the perfect alignment of their teeth. It ensures that the complete set of teeth in the jaws get in a proper arrangement that is also not hampered during the opening and closing movements of the mouth. Therefore, it ensures that possibilities of internal damages are reduced and the best results are achieved in terms of improvement of dental appearance.

Teen basis

There is a teenage version available of these treatments that are especially dedicated to the age-specific needs of teenage kids. Kids of the age group tend to feel very self-conscious of their teeth formations and it is even harder for them to wear braces and have a smile. As this is the most suitable period for achieving proper teeth formation, using these treatments is the best way out for the situation. Using Invisalign also makes it easier for orthodontists to keep a track of the developments in the process.

Invisalign Treatment For Teeth Straightening Is Safe For All Age Groups

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth then it’s time to meet an orthodontist. A smile is as important for a person as to eat food daily. A smile with proper teeth brings self-confidence. Beyond cosmetic issue, misaligned teeth can bring problems like loss of tooth, improper digestion, gum disease, speech impairment and damages in the jaw line.

The right time to correct the dental issues is during our childhood, but it is not necessary as correcting such issues has no time or age bar. Metal wires and braces have always been an embarrassment for adults. Invisalign is an advanced technology where transparent trays are fixed to straighten your teeth. Invisalign in Oregon, Portland is famous for its advance 3D computer technology, where the orthodontist gives proper time to each patient making their treatment comfortable.

Invisalign not only cures problems like misalignment or crooked teeth, but it is also helpful in problems like

  • Cross bites
  • Overbites
  • Under bites
  • Gaps
  • Open bites
  • Overcrowded mouth

It can be tried at any age, as it is made of plastic and it does not damage your jaws or makes it painful. Moreover, unlike other metal braces, you don’t need to prevent it from staining your teeth. You can take away the trays after every 22 hours in a day so that leaves you with 2 hours in which you eat drink and clean your braces.

Keeping your mouth healthy is vital at any age. The biggest problem with older patients is gum disease due to gaps and overlaps and also tooth loss due to cavity and gum disease. Some of us don’t face any problem until we grow old. Slipping and sliding of teeth is major concern during old age. With the help of invisalign, you don’t need to bear those rough edges of metal braces in your mouth at the age of 50.