Oral Care Services To Get The Whiten And Brighten Teeth

Pale colored teeth can affect the charm of your smile. It appears dirty and you may have to face the humiliation for having the yellow colored teeth. Deposition of plaque, lack of cleaning, smoking, chewing tobacco and drinking dark colored liquids, are some of the common causes which are responsible for discoloration of the teeth. Many home remedies are also there but it can be time taking and may not be as much effective as the teeth whitening treatment by the dentist. Take the services of professional dentist from Berkshire for getting the pearl white teeth.

teeth before and after whitening

Bleaching to reduce the discoloration of your teeth

The most effective and usual treatment for teeth whitening in Berkshire is bleaching. Most of the doctors recommend bleaching of the teeth to get the bright white teeth. This is a completely safe treatment for the patients. Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the two bleaching agents which are present in the teeth whitening solutions used by the dentists. All the types of stains are broken down into the smaller particles which are helpful in revealing the beneath layer of the enamel which is whiter.

Teeth whitening with properly fitting mouth trays: In this method of teeth whitening, the mouth tray which can completely fit over your denture is used. This tray contains the thick coating of the bleaching agent in its interiors. This tray is fitted on your denture and allowed to rest for some time to let the bleaching agent work to make your teeth white.

Apply the bleaching solution:  The solution of bleaching agent is rubbed over the sensitive teeth to make your teeth whiter and brighter.


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