Different Procedures In Restorative Dentistry

The restorative dentistry is a popular and trendy dentistry branch in Tyler, TX. The dentist diagnoses and treats the issues related with teeth and gums. It also enhances the teeth appearance. The dentists in Tyler, TX have experience and perform the best procedures in restorative dentistry. It also helps to eliminate the dental discomfort. All the materials that are used in dental restoration are long lasting and effective.

Here are some procedures of the restorative dentistry given below.

  • Tooth filing – In this,the dentist removes the decay from your tooth and fills the holes with wide range of materials like gold, porcelain,etc. The tooth filing is also used to repair cracked and broken teeth. First dentist will check that the tooth needs filing or not and if it needs filing, they use the laser and drill to take off the decayed part. After that, they will clean the tooth to remove the bacteria. After the completion of the cleaning process, the filing is done to fill the hole.
  • Dental crowns – These are caps that are tooth-shaped. They are placed over the tooth to prevent damage and infection. It improves the appearance of the tooth and also helps to restore its size and shape. They are made from various materials like stainless steel, metals, composite resin, ceramics etc. The metals are used at the back of the teeth to reduce the visibility. The ceramics material is placed on visible teeth as they match with the color of the natural teeth. The stainless steel is temporary and placed until permanent crown is ready.