Different Types Of Dental Bonding Treatments

Teeth are considered a vital part not just for facial beauty but also for the purpose of good health and overall digestive wellness. This is why it is important to take care of them at all times and include the best practices to ensure their good health. However, sometimes there are certain dental issues that arise suddenly and cause damage to the teeth. It is during these situations that people in Surrey consider visiting the dentist. The dentists consider methods like composite bonding in Surrey as a treatment option.

Here are the different types of treatments associated with dental bonding.

Direct Bonding :-  This is a method that is preferred when the teeth get chipped because of an accident or sudden motion. It can also be used for fixing decayed teeth and it only takes one proper visit with the dentist for this technique to be performed perfectly. This method restores the shape, functioning and color, and even other aspects of the natural teeth of a person.

Composite Veneer  :-  This is usually considered a cosmetic treatment for the teeth. This makes them an elective option and also excludes it from the cover of insurance. This method can change the size, shape, and color of the teeth. It can help in filling the gaps that might have arisen between teeth and can also help in changing the length and to some extent the alignment as well. The effects of this treatment can last for almost eight years which makes them a worthy option for treatment.